Illegal Chinese toys seized at city supermarket

TN News

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Market managers in Ho Chi Minh City discovered thousands of undocumented toy items made in China, on Tuesday, at a major supermarket.


The items included toy cars, robots and dolls that had been put out on shelves at Maximark supermarket on Cong Hoa Street, in Tan Binh District.


All of the items have been seized pending further investigation.


Different kinds of Chinese toys, which are widely sold on local markets, made headlines recently after scientists found that they were coated in hazardous chemicals.


In January, local quality inspectors warned that drinking glasses made in China, featuring animated film characters, contained a lot of lead and other toxic substances.


Early last year, Chinese-made children's jewelry was discovered to be laced with cadmium, a shiny metal that is easy to laminate but more poisonous than lead.


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