Hundreds of snakes, wild animals seized from 2 buses in central Vietnam

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Forest rangers in the central province of Thanh Hoa Thursday seized hundreds of snakes and other wildlife from two passenger buses in two different cases.

Online newspaper Dan Tri quoted the Thanh Hoa forest rangers as saying that in one of the cases Bui Van Sy was caught with 131 rat snakes.

Some of them were Indian rat snakes (Ptyas mucosus), the possession of which is restricted under Vietnamese law.

The rest were Chinese rat snakes (Ptyas korros), but it is not known if the reptiles were alive or dead.

The rangers also confiscated the bus for further investigation.

Earlier that day they had found ten pangolins, four wild boars, and many Indian rat snakes on another bus driven by Nguyen Thanh Van.

For several hours Van and his employer failed to furnish any documents for transporting the wildlife, according to the rangers.


But even after the duo did so, the rangers seized the bus and animals pending verification of the documents, which caused the two men to object strongly.

The officials called the police's Rapid Response Team (Unit 113) for help.

Both the cases are being investigated.

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