Hogzilla goes on rampage through central Vietnam, maiming two men

Thanh Nien News

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Doctors spent hours reconstructing the legs of two men who were maimed in a wild boar's bizarre rampage in a Central Highland province in Vietnam last week.
Nong Mac Truc, 23, and Dinh Minh Duong, 69, underwent 4-hour surgeries at Krong Nang General Hospital to have their broken tendons and crushed leg muscles rejoined.
Doctors said Duong and Truc, who received 50 and 100 stiches, respectively, remained in hospital with high fevers and profuse bleeding.
They were the hardest hit victims of a 100kg wild boar's violent rampage last Sunday.
Truc, the boar's first victim, said he was tending his buffalos on a grassy hill near the Krong Nang district’s protected forest, when he saw the black animal charging out of a coffee plantation.
Truc thought a domesticated pig had gotten loose from a farm, until the animal suddenly mauled him.
The wild boar repeatedly gnarled Truc’s leg with its teeth and rammed him, until chucking him into a rice paddy several meters away.
Truc said he flew into a fierce panic, but tried his best to prevent himself from yelling to aggravate the animal.
The wild boar stood on a path near the rice paddy for a while, then left the scene.
Once alone, Truc dragged himself up onto a path and cried for help.
“It was lucky that the rice field’s edge may have hidden me, otherwise the animal would have chewed me to death,” Truc said from his hospital bed.
Duong, the boar's second victim, was harvesting coffee in another village when he heard a dog barking loudly.
“I stopped my work and went to investigate. A huge wild boar rushed out of a thicket of grass and rammed right into me, throwing me around five meters,” Duong said.
Just like Truc, Duong kept still on the ground in a frightened silence and waited for the animal to leave.
The wild boar reportedly continued on its rampage through the area, until a group of local men surrounded and killed it.

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