Ho Chi Minh City water bottlers flout hygiene regulations

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At Hong Minh Duc water bottling company in Ho Chi Minh City, health inspectors Tuesday found bottle caps placed in a rusty tub among other hygiene violations.

Health inspectors in Ho Chi Minh City Tuesday found two drinking-water bottlers functioning under unhygienic conditions.

Hong Minh Duc Company in District 9, which supplies hundreds of 21-liter Canary bottles every day, had workers using tap water that was not tested for microorganisms.

Besides they were filling the bottles without sterile clothing.

There were empty bottles placed on the dirty floor. The room was labeled as "quarantined" but its door and windows were open, its walls and ceiling were dirty and covered in cobwebs.

The bottles were washed "carelessly" with "simple" tools, inspectors said.

Hundreds of bottle caps were placed in a rusty tub.

Inspectors found a small bag of Chloramin B powder, an antiseptic, covered in dust, but the company owner refused to say if the powder was ever used to clean bottles and caps.

The company failed to furnish an official report on its product quality, suggesting it has never sent samples to authorized agencies for quality tests.

Other inspectors from the Department of Health reported a similar situation at Kim Phuong Company in the same district, which sells the Super Water brand.

It did not send its workers for regular health checks or training courses in food safety and hygiene.

Inspectors have taken samples for testing and reported about the companies' violations, warning they would be punished if they continue to flout quality norms.

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