Ho Chi Minh City to bust canal littering with cameras

TN News

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Ho Chi Minh City authorities have approved a plan to install cameras to detect littering along several canals in the city in an effort to reduce pollution.

The city People's Committee also instructed the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to facilitate a project to separate garbage at markets, supermarkets, malls and industrial parks and extend it to local residents later.

The department has also been instructed to review garbage processing and the dumping of poisonous garbage throughout the city in order to propose suitable treatment solutions.

The city administration has also agreed to fund garbage gathering at canals and rivers and approve a trial plan to establish cooperatives to collect garbage in residential areas.

Nguyen Trung Viet of the city environmental department urged stricter regulations against littering at canals and suggested establishing a task force to enforce the rules.

He blamed littering for pollution in the Nhieu Loc Thi Nghe Canal, which has been improved after dredging and constructing parks and embankments on its banks.

According to a recent report from the environmental department, all canals in the city are polluted with high levels of microorganism contamination threatening the health of nearby residents.

The most polluted canals include Nhieu Loc Thi Nghe, Tan Hoa Lo Gom and Tham Luong Vam Thuat.

In Binh Chanh District, 50 of the district's 55 canals are seriously polluted, according to the report.

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