Ho Chi Minh City sinks by up to 28 mm in 2015

Thanh Nien News

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A sinking area in Nha Be District. Photo: Van Nam/TBKTSG A sinking area in Nha Be District. Photo: Van Nam/TBKTSG


Nearly 7,200 hectares of land in Ho Chi Minh City is sinking rapidly, with experts blaming it on the depletion of groundwater and massive construction.
A report from the city Department of Natural Resources and Environment Thursday said around 20 areas in the city are sinking “fast” by an average of 15 millimeters in 2015, with one area going down by as much as 28 mm.
Forty other areas sank by 5-10 mm last year.
The affected areas are Districts 7, 8, 12, Binh Tan, Binh Chanh, Hoc Mon and Nha Be, with the southern and southwestern areas the worst hit.
Districts 8, 12 and Binh Chanh have been sinking since the late 1990s while Nha Be is new in the list.
City authorities at a meeting ordered the environment department to make a detailed analysis of the cause of the sinkage and its likely impacts.
Scientists said the problem resulted from the exploitation of groundwater in the city and the rapid urbanization which meant little rainwater percolated into the soil, Saigon Times newspaper reported.

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