Ho Chi Minh City prostitution den bust with intricate ploy to steal from clients

By Dam Huy, Thanh Nien News

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(L-R) Huynh Thi Trung, Do Cao Loc and Dinh Thi Thanh at the police station. Photo: Cong Nguyen (L-R) Huynh Thi Trung, Do Cao Loc and Dinh Thi Thanh at the police station. Photo: Cong Nguyen


Ho Chi Minh City police have arrested three people in a prostitution ring accused of stealing money from clients by sneaking through a secret way to the toilet where the customers often leave their pants and wallets.
During a raid at a prostitution den on Tan Son Street in Go Vap District, police arrested the 25-year-old sex worker Huynh Thi Trung and her two accomplices Dinh Thi Thanh, 40, and Do Cao Loc, 41.
According to Tra Van Lao, Go Vap chief police, police have been aware of the den and their ploy since early this year and set up a team to bust it.
“Some clients lost up to dozens of million dong but most of them did not report to the police fearing of being avenged or their families would know about the case,” he said.
In the latest above, the client identified only as H came to the place on March 13 and agreed to have sex with Trung for VND200,000.
Trung phoned her accomplices when H was in the toilet getting undressed.
After that, Loc sneaked into the toilet through the secret door to steal VND3.8 million (US$177) in  H's pants pocket.
The trio had deposited VND500 million of their loot in several bank accounts, police said.
At the police station, Thanh confessed she hired the house with three rooms, including one for prostitution and one for accommodation. Thanh hired workers to make a doorway in the third room, leading to the toilet of the one used for prostitution.
Thanh also told the police that she was running another prostitution den, also located on the same street, using similar ploy to steal money from clients.
Trung charges each client VND150,000-200,000 and paying Thanh VND50,000 each time. Thanh also shared the loot with Loc and Trung after each successful theft.
Lao, the police chief, said the Tan Son has been known as an illegal “red light street” in Go Vap, causing headaches for local authorities.
“We will continue to step up raids of their operation,” he said.

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