Ho Chi Minh City man gets 5 years for killing 2 in self-defense

By Le Nga, Thanh Nien News

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A Ho Chi Minh City court sentenced a man to five years in prison on Tuesday for killing two people and injuring another in a street brawl that grew sparked by road rage in 2010.
Nguyen Quoc Tan, 24, was found guilty of “murder in self-defense,” instead of “murder”--the charge prosecutors recommended, which would have carried a life sentence.
According to the indictment, on August 6, 2010, Tan borrowed his nephew’s motorbike and bought some fruit and a pair of knives in District 7.
He planned to meet up with friends to eat the fruit and drink, newspapers reported at the time of his arrest.
On his way, Tan met his friend, Nguyen Van Ut, 32.
Ut asked Tan to take him to Children's Hospital No.1 in District 10 to visit his sick child and he agreed.
On their way to the hospital, Tan nearly collided with Nguyen Chi Dung, 27, who was driving his motorbike in the wrong direction on Cong Quynh Street in District 1.

Nguyen Quoc Tan, 24, leaving the HCMC People's Court after standing trial for murder on June 24. Tan was sentenced to five years in prison for murdering two people in self-defense.
Tan swore at Dung, prompting him to turn around and force Tan to pull over.
As the pair began to argue, Dung’s friends, Pham Hoang Dinh Hung, 31, and Nguyen Minh Duc, 30, arrived at the scene on a motorbike.
Tan and Ut apologized to Dung, but the men began to beat Tan with their belts and helmets. 
When Ut tried to stop the violence, he was also beaten.
As the three men rained blows down on Tan, he drew the fruit knives from his pocket and began stabbing the assailants, killing Duc and Dung and leaving Hung seriously injured.
After that Tan drove Ut home and fled to Binh Duong Province, some 30 kilometers from HCMC.
The men were apprehended on October 10, that same year.
Prosecutors later dropped charges of “aiding and abetting a fugitive” against Ut, due to his cooperation with their investigation and his health status.
The authorities say he has an incurable disease.
Hung was jailed for one and a half years for disturbing the peace. 
The indictment made no mention of Tan having a criminal record and several newspapers quoted his neighbors as saying that he was not a violent person. 

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