Ho Chi Minh City lumberjacks aim saws at stunning downtown allée

By Thanh Hai - Tan Cu, Thanh Nien News

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Ho Chi Minh City plans to clear a majestic allée of nearly 100 mahogany trees on Ton Duc Thang Street to make way for a bridge connecting Districts 1 and 2.
Ton Duc Thang is considered one of the most beautiful boulevards in Vietnam's southern metropolis thanks largely in part to its massive canopy of trees.
The Thu Thiem 2 bridge will connect a new development area on the opposite side of the river to the city’s center. It will empty out precisely where the trees stand. District 2 is already connected to the city downtown by the Saigon River Tunnel and Thu Thiem 1 Bridge that runs to Binh Thanh District.
The plan has stricken many city dwellers with nostalgia and misgivings--particularly since the city abruptly denuded the heart of District 1 of trees in July to make way for the country's first subway station.
The last remaining trees in the area were felled on Nguyen Hue Street, Thursday morning, to make way for the station. Photos: Doc Lap

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