Ho Chi Minh City industries emit 11 mln tons of CO2

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Large factories in Ho Chi Minh City emit more than 11 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, Saigon Tiep Thi newspaper reported Monday quoting the Institute for Environment and Resources.

The Vietnam National University-based institute, which is researching greenhouse gases, estimated this would increase to more than 19 million tons by 2020, with the proportion from waste storage and discharges increasing sixfold.

But the institute has not measured other major sources of emission like polluted rivers, vehicles, and nearly 30,000 small factories.

Experts from city-based universities and hospitals said at a meeting in late October that the city is being increasingly polluted by factory and vehicle emissions, with escalated amounts of suspended dust, lead, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and the carcinogenic benzene, a solvent used in fuel.

In 2010 the World Bank ranked Ho Chi Minh City among the 10 most heavily dust-polluted cities in the world. Local experts say the condition has worsened since.

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