Ho Chi Minh City cops, militiamen conduct record crime sweep

By Dam Huy – Dinh Phu, Thanh Nien News

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Neighborhood militiamen joined Ho Chi Minh City police on Friday to conduct one of the largest anti-crime sweeps on record.
That same day, the city began detaining drug addicts at municipal welfare and vocational centers, while urging district courts to remand them to compulsory rehab centers in nearby provinces.
The current Law on Handling Administrative Violations, which took effect on January 1, transferred the power to send drug addicts to compulsory rehabilitation programs from the police to district-level courts.
The process took so much time that HCMC hasn't managed to send a single addict to rehab this year.
The backlog moved municipal officials to press the issue at government meetings, prompting the National Assembly, Vietnam's legislature, to allow cities and provinces to set up temporary holding facilities for addicts.
During the raids, the authorities rounded up 715 drug addicts. 437 of them have been sent to rehab centers while the rest are awaiting further actions from agencies concerned.

Ho Chi Minh City officials, police and militiamen gathered early on December 5, 2014 to launch the biggest anti-crime sweep in the city's history.

 Ho Chi Minh City law enforcement officers arrested numerous drug users and dealers during the first hour of the biggest anti-drug sweep in the city's history, which was held on December 5, 2014.

 A group of suspected picked up in the sweep.

 An HCMC police officer interrogates a suspect.

 A militiaman driving a suspect to jail following HCMC's biggest anti-drug raid

 Ho Chi Minh City militiamen take two women into custody.

 A police officer takes in a suspect picked up in the sweep. 

Militiamen stop two people in an alley during the sweep. 

A group of suspects arrested at a HCMC police station.

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