Ho Chi Minh City brings 'dead' canal back to life

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The cleaning up of Tan Hoa – Lo Gom is expected to finish early next month and the canal is no longer the dirtiest in Ho Chi Minh City.

 The seven-kilometer canal flows through District 6, 11, and Tan Phu, no longer stinky and full of trash. 

 A worker dredges mud mixed with garbage from the canal. Clogged trash used to leave the two sides of the canal constantly flooded. A local said she used to stay indoor most of the time to avoid the smell.

 Children fly a kite along the canal. The clean-up project, which started in 2010 with a total investment of around VND2 trillion (US$93.87 million), has turned the canal into a place where people can hang out and do exercises every morning and evening.

 Locals say the stink is still there, mildly, but the water is much cleaner and there’s little trash.

 On two sides of the canal are roads of eight meters wide.

Workers on a remaining part of the project. The city several years ago also brought the Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe back from being a “dead” canal, a way locals described its dirtiness. 

                                                    Photo credit: VnExpress

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