Hey bosses, employees are leaving because of you

By Thanh Van, Thanh Nien News

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Nearly half of experienced employees in Vietnam make their decision to stay or leave a company based on how nice their bosses are, a new survey has found. 
Some 33 percent of employees with less than two years of working experience chose “Bad Boss” as a reason that can lead to job hopping, while more than 47 percent of those with 10 years of experience and above chose this reason, according to the survey conducted by recruitment website VietnamWorks.
Overall, having no opportunities for promotion and development is the most common reason for employees to leave their current job, the survey concluded, based on responses from 12,652 professionals in Vietnam. 
Up to 57 percent of the respondents said that having no opportunity for promotion and career development can lead to a job hopping decision. Promotion opportunities are defined as a clear career path written into the company’s policy or suggested by leaders.
According to VietnamWorks, in companies with little development opportunity, employees are rarely given new challenges. Instead they have to do the same mundane tasks every day. Moreover, working environments that display a lack of promotion opportunities often offer no regular training or coaching sessions to employees.
When asked to choose the best time to change jobs, 40 percent of the respondents said they would only change jobs when they have already secured a new job offer.

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