Helper steals nearly 2.8kg of gold of Ho Chi Minh City family

By Ngoc Tho, Thanh Nien News

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Ho Chi Minh City police have arrested a 55-year-old woman accused of stealing a large hoard of gold of a family whom she helped with cooking for a death anniversary.
Bui Thi Du of Dong Nai Province was arrested on August 3 and admitted to  stealing 74 taels of gold (2.775 kg) of Nguyen Huu Dung, 72, according to the police.
Dung said he organized the death anniversary for his wife on July 19 and asked his niece and her friend Du to help with cooking.
The niece and Du stayed for a week before leaving on July 26. Dung was away visiting a relative when Du left.
After returning home on July 31, Dung found that the gold had disappeared and reported to the police the following day.
Investigation led to the arrest of Du.
Du told investigators that she was staying in Dung's room when she saw something glittering under a wardrobe. She pulled it out with a clothes hanger and found the gold taels.

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