Helmets for Kids launches third year

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Students at Ho Chi Minh City's Vinh Loc 1 Primary School wearing new helmets given out by the Helmets for Kids program

Students, teachers, and parents from Ho Chi Minh City's Vinh Loc 1 Primary School rode through Binh Chanh District Wednesday to raise awareness of the importance of high-quality helmets for children.

Local officials and representatives of The United Parcel Service (UPS) company and the Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation also participated in the event that marked the launch of the third year of AIP's Helmets for Kids initiative.

The UPS Foundation has plans to donate 3,966 helmets for students and teachers at six schools in Ho Chi Minh City this year.

"Parents across Vietnam's major cities are putting helmets on their children in increasing numbers," said Mirjam Sidik, Chief Executive Officer of AIP Foundation.

"The difference between a high-quality helmet and a sub-standard helmet can make the difference between life and death,"  Sidik said.

Nearly 1,500 children, parents, school officials, and local stakeholders, including the Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Safety Committee, the Department of Education and Training, and Goodwill Ambassador Thanh Thuy, attended the kick-off ceremony at Vinh Loc 1 school, which was followed by a parade of motorcycles through the surrounding neighborhood.

Rally participants carried flags emblazoned with the message: "Children also need a helmet."

"Binh Chanh District and District 12 are growing. As young workers move here, the number of children in primary schools has skyrocketed," said Tran Khac Huy, Division of Student Affairs of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training.

"These changes are contributing to a high-risk traffic environment, particularly due to the many trucks that pass through every day in route to the industrial zones.  Traffic safety education, and especially high-quality helmets for children, is more important than ever to keep children safe on their way to and from school."

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