Heavy rains in Hanoi lead to three deaths by electrocution

TN News

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Three women died in Hanoi Tuesday when floodwaters crept into their homes and turned electricity leaks into fatal electrocutions.

Two of the victims were the owner and a helper at a shop that sells cooking gas on Truong Dinh Street. Both were 25-years-old and their names have not been released. The owner was a mother of two.

Dao Hoang Thuy, a worker at the shop, said the women were on the second floor but when they saw water enter the premises, they went downstairs to move items they did not want to get wet. Upon stepping in the water covering the ground floor, they were electrocuted.

Meanwhile, Nghiem Thi Xuan Mai, a 20-year-old student from Thanh Hoa Province, was electrocuted at a relative's house she was staying at. She died on the way to hospital.

Mai's neighbor, Nguyen Xuan Thang, said she was unconscious and floating when he came to the house to save her.

"The floor was more than thirty centimeters underwater. I waded in to get her and got an electric shock when I touched her ankle," Thang was quoted by local news website VietNamNet as saying.

Authorities are investigating the cases further.

Heavy rains on the morning of July 13 lasted for two hours in Hanoi. The city's authorities have counted around 80 spots that flooded, some of which were 50-70 centimeters under water. Giai Phong Street was one meter under water. Traffic came to a standstill that lasted for hours.



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