Headmistress found using dead person's diploma as her own

Thanh Nien News

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A headmistress of a kindergarten in northern Vietnam, who never went high school, has been found to have used a high school diploma of a dead person as her own to apply to college and get promoted.
Dinh Thi Hong Van, head of Xuan Linh Kindergarten in Nghi Xuan Dist., Ha Tinh Province, has admitted to have used the high school diploma of another Dinh Thi Hong Van, who died a while ago. The namesake was born on another date, but her birthplace is the same as Van's.
Inspectors of the provincial Education Department looked into her case after receiving residents' complaints.
They found that Van, who never went to high school after her middle school, had somehow acquired the high school diploma of the deceased Van, and filled her own date of birth onto it.
Van reportedly used the diploma to attend college while she was working at the kindergarten, where she was later promoted to the post of headmistress.
The inspectors have proposed Van be disciplined.

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