HCMC to sacrifice more trees for subway

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Trees along Ton Duc Thang in Ho Chi Minh downtown. Photo: Diep Duc Minh Trees along Ton Duc Thang in Ho Chi Minh downtown. Photo: Diep Duc Minh


Two more old trees on one of Ho Chi Minh City's most beautiful streets will be felled to make way for urban development.
The cIty authorities have approved the cutting down of two African mahogany trees on Ton Duc Thang St. to give space to the country’s first metro line, officials said at a press conference on Thursday.
They are the tallest of the 16 African mahogany trees affected by the project, measuring 16 meters and 17 meters in height and 1 meter and 1.3 meters in diameter.
Workers at the city's Tree and Park Company have succeeded in moving and replanting the other 14 trees to Gia Dinh park in Go Vap Dist.
However, moving the two tallest trees would inevitably require repositioning of not only underground cables near their roots but also overhead power lines and cables along the transport route to Gia Dinh park, representatives of the urban metro management board said at the conference.
Hunks of mahogany trees felled on Ton Duc Thang St. in 2014.
The felling of the trees will take 2-3 days, and timber will be used to make public chairs and tables, they said.
Ton Duc Thang is considered one of the most beautiful streets in Vietnam’s southern metropolis thanks to its massive canopy of trees.
Experts said most African mahogany trees on this street are more than 60 years old.
Several were cut down in late 2014, also as part of the metro line construction.
The city authorities said in March that they planned to move or cut down even more trees on Ton Duc Thang St. to make space for a bridge connecting districts 1 and 2.

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