HCMC teen girl gets 9 months in jail for slapping traffic cop

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A court in Ho Chi Minh City sentenced an 18-year-old girl to nine months in jail Tuesday for slapping a traffic policeman on the street last month.

Pham Thi My Linh was found guilty of "resisting an executive officer in performance of duty" in the outdoor trial held by the District 12 People's Court.

The trial attracted the attention of many young netizens, who had watched a clip on YouTube featuring Linh slapping the police officer.

According to the indictment, on July 2, Linh and her brother were on the back seat of a motorbike driven by their 37-year-old mother, Truong Thi Hanh, on Le Van Khuong Street in District 12.

After spotting Hanh driving the wrong way on the one-way street, Sergeant-major Nguyen Duc Anh and Vu Quang Long (a cadet) stopped her and asked her to produce her license and registration.

Hanh only produced her registration, not her driver's license, so Anh began writing a report on her violation.


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While Anh was writing the report, Hanh grabbed the ticket book from his hands and insisted on pulling her motorbike away.

Long and Anh told her the bike would be impounded, but Hanh refused to give up her bike.

Linh stepped in, pushing the police officers and slapping Long's face.

Although the officers didn't restrain the girl, Linh kept screaming and shouting before fainting in the street, according to prosecutors, who added that Anh and Long continued doing their job while waiting for support from local police.

The whole incident was filmed by a passerby and was later uploaded online.

At the trial on Tuesday, Linh and her mother fainted after hearing the verdict.

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