HCMC poverty rate higher than Hanoi's: UNDP survey

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A multi-dimensional poverty survey in Vietnam has found that there are more poor people in Ho Chi Minh City proportional to its total population than in Hanoi.


The results of the survey done by the United Nations Development Program were released Wednesday.


As the first of its kind to approach poverty in multiple dimensions, the Urban Poverty Survey 2009 was conducted in the southern metro and the capital. It covered indices like income, education, and access to social security among others.


Setsuko Yamazaki, chief representative of UNDP in Vietnam, said that about 54 percent of HCMC's population had no access to the social security system, while it was some 38 percent in Hanoi.


The survey also revealed that 20.6 percent of HCMC's immigrants don't hold residency, while this was 11.4 percent true in Hanoi.


In both cities, those in rural areas and immigrants suffer inadequacy in all fields compared to those in urban areas and those who were in urban areas and had valid residency.


Over 56 percent of immigrants in both the cities don't have health insurance and more than 60 percent of them are living in an area of less than seven square meters each, the survey found.


Yamazaki said they hope that the survey's findings will help the two cities build a better system of policies, especially development plans, within the next five to ten years to secure equal and stable development benefiting all residents.


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