HCMC police hunt thieves for setting student on fire

TN News

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Police in Ho Chi Minh City on Monday said they were looking for four young men who reportedly doused a teenager with petrol and set him on fire the day before.


Sixteen-year-old H.N.A said he was riding a bicycle with his friends on District 5's Thuan Kieu Street on Sunday night when two young men on a motorbike coming in the opposite direction splashed petrol on him. Soon after another two men on a bike sped in the same direction and threw a lit fuse on him, setting his clothes on fire.


The student jumped off the bicycle, took off his clothes and extinguished the fire.


District 5 police said they'd arrested three people two to three years ago on suspicion of using the same method to rob students of their bicycles, adding the Sunday incident was the first case to be reported since last year.

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