HCMC police arrest machete-weilding madman for slashing six

Thanh Nien News

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Police in Ho Chi Minh City had to fire shots to arrest a machete-weilding ex con who slashed six people over an argument that started about a modified motorbike exhaust pipe.
Police said they only fired warning shots into the sky to stop the man’s rampage, but Nguyen The Son, 20, was later treated for injuries in the hospital at Chi Hoa Jail, news website Dan Tri reported Saturday.
A source from Binh Thanh District Police Departments said that after Son recovers, he will be detained pending an investigation into his aggravated battery.
The police said Son got into an argument on Dinh Tien Hoang Street over the sound of someone’s modified motorbike exhaust pipe at around 11pm on November 8.
Son got so angry that he went off to grab two machetes and enlist a group of friends to assist him in the brutal attack.

Nguyen The Son, 20, in a prison photo taken after his first assault conviction. He was arrested by Ho Chi Minh City police again on November 8, 2014 for slashing six people with a pair of machetes.
Son only stopped after police fired their guns in the air.
Several of his victims were also rushed to hospital.
Son has been convicted of assault in the past and was under investigation for slashing a Ho Chi Minh City man on the night of August 13 when the recent incident occurred, the police said.
Police have called on his accomplices to give themselves up.

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