Hao Hao spreads festival messages in free noodle packs


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Hao Hao spreads festival messages in free noodle packs
“Time for Tet, let’s come home!”, “Remember to give me some lucky money!” or “Have a year of great health!” are some of the lovely messages that Hao Hao Instant Noodles wishes to give customers for the Lunar New Year (Tet) 2015.
The set of Hao Hao’s Love Package includes 12 packs of sour-hot shrimp flavor noodles with messages of love to families, friends and other loved ones, to show one’s love and care in the simplest and warmest way. Tet peaks February 19 this year.
Under the program, which lasts until mid-February, customers will be gifted two extra packs for every box of 30 packs of sour-hot shrimp flavor, chicken flavor or shacha-onion flavor.
Hao Hao Instant Noodles is also available on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mianlienhaohao. This will be a new information channel to build stronger connection between the brand and young customers, and to make Hao Hao a companion in the journey of sharing love and enjoying life.

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