Hanoi's 1,000th 'birthday candles' stolen

TN News

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A bronze bell and other bronze decorations prepared to celebrate Hanoi's 1000th birthday have been stolen from nearby Thanh Hoa Province, local police said Sunday. 

Robbers on Wednesday cleaned up the Dong Co (antique bronze) Temple, which was recently mentioned as among places celebrating the millennial anniversary of Hanoi, police were quoted by local newswire Vnexpress as saying.


The items taken include a bronze bell weighing 25 kilograms, six bronze candles and two pairs of bronze cranes, worth hundreds of millions of dong, said local police officer Luu Dinh Thanh.


Two of the candles were reportedly donated a week earlier by Dong Dai Loc, head of Thanh Hoa police.


Police have launched an investigation into the theft.

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