Hanoi woman killed over 24-cent debt

TN News

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Police in Hanoi arrested Wednesday a teenage boy suspected of killing a woman in a fit of rage after she asked him to pay up his VND5,000 (24 US cents) debt.

Vu Tien Son, 16, of Hoai Duc District confessed to the killing of Pham Thi Noi, 60, the owner of a small local grocery store.

He also admitted he stole a gold ring and VND70,000 cash from Noi.

On Tuesday afternoon locals found Noi's body in a pool of blood in her shop with two deep cuts in her neck.

The police took in Son on suspicion.

He told them he often bought things from Noi and owed her VND5,000 for some ice cream.

On the fateful day he was carrying a knife and was headed for a fight when Noi asked him to pay the money.

Enraged, he stabbed her before stealing the ring and cash.

He said he sold the ring for VND600,000.

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