Hanoi woman fakes MSG, washing powder brands

TN News

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A factory in Hanoi has been labeling Chinese monosodium glutamate as the Japanese brand Ajinomoto and re-packaging local laundry detergent as French brand Omo, Hanoi police found Thursday.

The police seized several packaging machines and hundreds of plastic wrappings printed with Omo and Ajinomoto labels at Nguyen Thi Duyen's house in Gia Lam District. They found a large amount of detergent ready for sale.

Earlier that morning, the police saw Duyen delivering two sacks containing 60 "Omo" packets to Do Thi Thuy in the same district. Police suspected that the goods were fake and then searched Duyen's place.

Duyen said she has been in the counterfeiting business for three months. She bought the packaging from a supplier in the northern province of Bac Ninh. She got the cheap MSG from China, and was using Duc Giang brand detergent for the "Omo."

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