Hanoi truck driver takes off pants to challenge traffic cops

TN News

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A truck driver took off his pants to prevent traffic police officers from towing his truck away at a Hanoian crossroad on Monday, the Voice of Vietnam reported.

A traffic police team signaled to stop the truck, which entered a prohibited street on Giai Phong-Nguyen Duc Tho T-junction at around 7 a.m.

Instead of pulling over, the driver whose identity has not been revealed stopped the truck in the middle of the street and locked the wheels before getting out of the vehicle and disappearing.

The truck blocked traffic, leading to serious congestion.

As police officers were towing the truck away, the driver appeared and stood in front of the truck to prevent the officers from towing it. He loosened his belt and took off his pants.

A team of emergency police officers arrived at the scene and stopped him.

The truck was later towed away.

Police said they are considering charging the man with "resisting officers on duty."

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