Hanoi traffic cops ask to wear sunglasses while working

TN News

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Traffic police in Hanoi have asked for permission to wear sunglasses and face-masks when working under certain conditions, the Tuoi Tre newspaper quoted a local official as saying Thursday.


Tran Thuy, deputy director of Hanoi's police division, told the newspaper current regulations do not allow police to wear sunglasses when working, but these need to be adjusted in accordance with practical needs in each locality.


In Hanoi, traffic officers have to patrol or monitor many streets, including those which are very dusty and have no trees, exposing them to excessive sunlight, Thuy said. Many of them have suffered respiratory problems from workplace exposure, he added.


If the proposal is approved, it will help guarantee traffic officers maintain better health, the official said.


In May, the Ministry of Public Security issued an order to improve police officers' behavior. The order prohibited officers from wearing sunglasses when working.


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