Hanoi to host 1st all-world Vietnamese expatriate meeting

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Vietnam looks to draw its expatriates back home with its first all-world overseas Vietnamese conference this November in Hanoi, according to the Committee on Overseas Vietnamese.

The conference, November 20-23, will be a forum for overseas Vietnamese and senior officials to discuss various issues surrounding Vietnam and its socio-economic development.

The event, aiming to bridge gaps between Vietnam and its expatriate community, is expected to attract some 1,000 delegates.

Government leaders have made no secret of their desires to have overseas Vietnamese return to the county and Vietnam has implemented measures to facilitate the return of intellectuals and businesspeople.

The committee also said that 106 overseas Vietnamese youths are expected to attend the 2009 Vietnam Summer Camp from July 18 to Aug. 5. The youths will participate in cultural activities and visit several world heritage sights such as Ha Long Bay and the historic town of Hoi An.

Some four million overseas Vietnamese live in 101 countries and territories worldwide.

Reported by Bao Anh

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