Hanoi stunt rider fined $576

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Nguyen Dinh Chung, 22, drives a motorbike with no hands, no helmet, on a road slated for cars and trucks in Hanoi on August 14, which earned him a total cash fine of VND12 million.

Hanoi police on Thursday said they have identified the man driving a a motorbike with one foot while texting in a photo that went viral last week, and punished him with a VND12 million (US$576) cash penalty.

The photo, taken by another traveler on Thang Long Highway on August 14, shows Nguyen Dinh Chung, 22, was driving the motorbike with his right foot while his two hands were texting on his cell phone.

Police said the cash fine was also to punish his not wearing an obligatory helmet, and using the road built for cars and trucks.

A passer-by who took the photo said Chung was driving at around 60 kilometers per hour.


Hanoi stunt rider on stolen motorbike, police say

It has been hard to track down the man as the motorbike was a stolen one from 2010, the police said after coming to its registered owner following the number plate.

They have seized the motorbike for investigation of the thievery, and it's not been clear if Chung was directly involved.

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