Hanoi students hospitalized after drinking bottle water

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Many primary students in Hanoi were hospitalized after drinking bottled water at school, VietNamNet said Friday.


During break time on Wednesday, ten children at Thanh Cao Commune Primary School said they were suffering stomachaches after drinking from the bottle inside their classroom.


The teacher made them sugar water but their conditions got worse.


"I drank a little and I smelled something strange. So I stopped but the stomach still felt painful after that," said Nguyen Thi Linh, one of the sickened students.


Nguyen Thuy Duong drank two cups from the bottle. The resulting stomache pain was so bad she was reduced to tears. Later, she also had diarrhea.


Duong also said that the water smelled strange but she continued to drink as she was thirsty. The girl said she didn't have breakfast that morning.


The water was brought in late October from Ky Nguyen, a retailer in Hanoi and distributed by PLT Vietnam, a known bottled water firm also based in Hanoi.


Nguyen Thi Thu, the school's principal, said local preventive health officials have taken the water for testing.


The students pay VND20,000 every month for the water.


Thu said the school checked the safety and hygiene at Ky Nguyen carefully before signing a contract with it.


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