Hanoi streets offer free food and drinks to the poor

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Hundreds of workers and relatives of poor cancer patients benefit from these acts of kindness


Nguyen Thi Phung (L) has been offering free homemade herbal drinks to poor workers on the street and families of cancer patients at K Hospital. The 65-year-old woman stands outside the hospital every morning and serves around hundreds of people.  
 Free meals from a beauty salon are also distributed in front of the hospital every day. Each box contains rice, meat, vegetables, and sometimes noodles.
 Street workers have lunch at a charity restaurant named "Happy Lunch" that charges only VND1,000, or less than 4 US cents, for a portion of rice with meat, vegetables, drinks and some fruit slices on Lien Tri Street, Hoan Kiem District.
 Many workers say they are very happy to have a decent meal for just a small price. 
Many families on Hang Bong Street in Hoan Kiem District make tea and serve it in free bottles on the sidewalk. This woman, who polishes shoes for tourists in the Old Quarter, said she stops by the street to take water several times a day.
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