Hanoi sees elevated roads as traffic jam solution

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Hanoi plans to spend VND32 trillion (US1.68 billion) to build six elevated roads to reduce traffic gridlocks in the capital city, according to local online news service VnExpress.

The Hanoi Transport Department said many efforts have been exerted over the past year to improve the traffic situation in the capital but these have had limited success.

The pace at which new vehicles were hitting the road everyday was much faster than speed at which the road system could expand, the department said.

While roads in the inner city are overcrowded, site clearance problems make it difficult to widen them, said Nguyen Quoc Hung, the department director.

Building elevated roads is therefore a viable solution to ease congestion in Hanoi, he opined.

Some experts, however, have said it’s not a very good idea to sacrifice the city’s scenery for traffic projects.

Elevated roads should only be built outside the inner city, said Dao Ngoc Nghiem, a former official of the city’s Department of Planning and Architecture.

Source: Thanh Nien

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