Hanoi policeman suspended after accused of spitting at woman

By Ha An - Minh Chien, Thanh Nien News

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A police officer in Hanoi has been suspended after a woman accused him of spitting at her after she refused to let him check her apartment.
Dong Da District police said they suspended the sub-lieutenant, who was only identified in the video as Bac, to investigate the case.
A video of more than three minutes surfaced online on Friday morning, showing an argument between Bac and a woman at an apartment building.
He wanted to check her apartment on suspicion that she was harboring a wanted criminal. She said she would only let him in when there was a warrant. 
The officer then moved closer and apparently spat at the woman through the door. It is difficult to immediately confirm what he really did based on the low-quality and shaky video.
But the woman accused him of spitting at her in the video, saying she would use it as evidence against him. 
Voices of two women were heard in the video and it is not clear who filmed it. One of them said in the video that it was almost midnight.

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