Hanoi police seize thousands of luxury knockoffs

By Ha An, Thanh Nien News

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Fake luxury watches seized in Hanoi May 22, 2015. Photo: Ha An Fake luxury watches seized in Hanoi May 22, 2015. Photo: Ha An


Police in Hanoi have seized thousands of counterfeit watches, hand bags and purses carrying labels of luxury brands.
Investigators confiscated 10,000 knockoffs of luxury watches on May 22 from two college students. The students said they bought the products from overseas, but the specific origin has not been disclosed yet. They sold the products in Vietnam online. 
On May 20, another police team also found 1,607 fake hand bags, purses and wallets from a couple in Hanoi.
Pham Huu Phong, 31, and his wife Pham Thi Hanh, 27, said they noticed the consumer desire for famous brands, so they started selling the products in 2013.

The LV knockoffs seized from a couple in Hanoi. Photo credit: Voice of Vietnam
They attached fake logos of Dior, Hermes, LV, and others onto low quality purses and hand bags and sold them to many shops in the area.
Phong said they themselves sold around 2,000 of them to individual customers alone, apart from what they supplied to shops.
Market watchdog officers in Ho Chi Minh City also seized thousands of fake Chanel, Gucci, Lacoste, LV, Nike and Adidas products the last month, according to a report released Friday. 

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