Hanoi police let recalcitrant man go after aggressive assault

By Ha An, Thanh Nien News

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Hanoi traffic cops let a taxi driver go after he hit a traveler and threatened to physically assault them on Sunday night.

The driver, Le Ngoc Minh, 35, had initially called in friends to help him beat the officer's back, but later apologized for his actions, citing unusual stress at home. 
A local traveler’s online video depicted Hanoi police approaching an irate Minh.
The cops, led by lieutenant Nguyen Sy Manh, asked Minh to stop after he hit a traveler near Chuong Duong bridge.
But instead of producing his license as instructed, he cursed at the cops and called friends over to beat them.
The video contains a string of profane invective let loose by Minh and a man shouting his name, allegedly in an attempt to calm him down.
The video shows how the officers physically subdued and escorted Minh to a nearby station.
At the station, police say, Minh explained that he was under heavy pressure at home and could not control his temper.
His wife has taken one of their two children back to her family to prepare for a divorce.
Minh drives a taxi to take care of his other child and parents.
The police found he was honest about his trouble and let him go, after signing a pledge not to repeat such offenses.

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