Hanoi police deny accusation of abuse

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Hanoi police denied allegations Wednesday that a group of emergency police beat up a traffic violator last week.

A report by the Hanoi Police Department said Nghiem Duy Hoang, 23, of Thanh Hoa Province was injured after falling off his motorbike while fleeing pursuing police officers.

According to the report, Hoang was driving a motorbike without a helmet near the Minh Khai Kim Nguu intersection on the afternoon of March 14.

Three police officers from the Y5/141 taskforce indicated for him to pull over, but Hoang ignored the request and sped away.

The officers used a meter-long plastic rod in an effort to stop him but Hoang escaped.

Soon after, he crashed into a street barrier and fell off his bike, police said.

He was rushed to hospital with a broken cheek bone.

Hoang, meanwhile, told the press that after he evaded the cops, he was chased after by a cop in plain clothes, while another cop with a baton had also tried to stop him.

When he stopped the bike, a cop pressed an electric shock baton to his hip while another lashed him in the face with a baton, Hoang said.

Hoang was taken to hospital with many bruises on his face and body. On March 16, he underwent a surgery to reconstruct his cheek bone.

One day later, Hanoi police temporarily suspended the three officers pending an investigation.


Cops accused of assaulting motorist suspended in Vietnam capital

They issued a report Wednesday saying that their preliminary investigation showed that Hoang had not been beaten up by police as he claimed.

Major-general Tran Thuy, deputy director of the Hanoi Police Department, told the press that the officers had performed their duties appropriately.

Emergency police are instructed to chase traffic violators who try to run away, he said.

He said further investigations are still underway.

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