Hanoi police arrest Indonesian thieves

TN News

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Police in Hanoi on Monday said they have arrested two Indonesians who allegedly stole nearly US$118,000 from city commuters.


Investigations show that Teddy Wijaya and Aldy Prayoga had deflated the tyres of vehicles used by people going to withdraw money from banks, caught them of f-guard and stole their money.


The men entered Vietnam early April this year and just a few days later, on April 12, they stole VND2.234 billion from a couple who'd just withdrawn money from Techcombank.


Police said they cut some umbrella frame into pieces and pressed them on the tyre of the couple's car after following them to a red traffic light.


Then they managed to open the car and take all the money when the husband got out to check the tyre.


The Indonesians left Vietnam the next day and returned on October 24, planning to steal from more people, but they failed in  four subsequent attempts before getting caught.

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