Hanoi police arrest father-son duo for attacking traffic cop

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Hanoi police arrested Thursday a man and his son for assaulting a traffic police officer after the latter was stopped for running a red light.

Vu Xuan Hien, 54, and Vu Xuan Hung, 19, of Hoang Mai District are being held for "resisting police officers on duty."

At around 9 a.m. Thursday Hung, who was on a motorbike, was waved down by Luong Dinh Hai, an officer regulating traffic at the Den Lu-Nguyen Tam Trinh junction, for running a red light.

He stopped the bike, approached the officer, and allegedly started to insult him.

Hai told him he would seize the bike and report about the violation.

Hung telephoned his father and told him a traffic cop had hit him.

Hien arrived at the scene and was told by his son that Hai that hit him on his crash helmet.

Hien removed Hung's helmet and allegedly smashed it into the officer's face.

Hai was down on the ground, and the duo then reportedly proceeded to beat him up.

Another officer, Le Hoang Minh, showed up and tried to stop the two but was kicked on the stomach by Hien.

Hoang Mai District officers then arrived at the scene and grabbed father and son.

Hai was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The case is being investigated.

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