Hanoi plans to spend $3 mln on massive city model

TN News

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Hanoi will invest US$3 million into city models based on its twenty-year master zoning plan.


The model will be unveiled at the city's 1,000th anniversary this October, deputy minister of construction Nguyen Dinh Toan said.


Two large models covering between 600-700 square meter each, and 12 small ones (approx 40-50 square meters each) will make up the final product he said.


Portions of the models height may reach up 30 meters--a first in Vietnam, the official stressed. 


In order to enjoy a proper view of the models, Toan added, visitors will have to climb to the sixth or seventh floor of the National Zoning House in My Dinh District, where the models will be put on display.


The miniature cityscape, was fashioned mainly from cooper, mica and wood in China and will be imported into Hanoi in pieces over the course of the next few days.


First prepared in December 2008, the master zoning plan is expected to be approved by the Prime Minister before the grand anniversary.

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