Hanoi man fatally electrocuted by high-tension cable

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A 35-kilovolt electric cable which locals say has existed for dozens of years in a Hanoi commune Saturday killed a local man who accidentally came into contact with it.

The fatal accident happened at around 7 a.m. when Nguyen Minh Hien, 35, was fixing his house's corrugated iron roof in Van Phuc in Thanh Tri District, according to witnesses.

The electrocution flung him down to the ground and killed him instantly.

Dang Van Thuan, Hien's neighbor, told news website VnExpress: "When I was in my house, I heard a loud noise in the garden. I hurriedly ran [to the scene] and saw Hien unconscious, lying face down.

"His neck was charred, his face was scratched and bleeding."

The police are investigating the accident.

Several locals said the high voltage cables running through the commune threaten their lives daily.

Seven people have been electrocuted, they said, but it is not clear if there have been fatalities earlier.

Nguyen Minh Hoat, another local man, was quoted by VnExpress as saying that another victim also accidentally touched the wires when building his house and was electrocuted. The victim was thrown on a pile of sand and escaped with a broken leg.

The 30 households in the neighborhood have petitioned authorities several times to relocate the cables, but in vain. 

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