Hanoi man arrested for excessive violence on 10-year-old daughter

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Hanoi police Monday arrested a man who allegedly beat his 10-year-old daughter with canes, chains and electric wire.

The girl, Dang Diem Quynh, was rushed to hospital with bleeding injuries and a bruised swollen face from a cane beating on May 12, the same day her father Dang Quoc Hoang, 38, was reported to the police, said the national radio Voice of Vietnam.

The girl's aunt, Nghiem Thi Anh, said Quynh had approached her earlier that day in tears saying, "Please take me to the hospital, to the police, or my father will beat me to death."

Anh, who is a sister of Quynh's mother, has been taking care of Quynh every time the father was not at home, as the mother is in jail for drug trafficking.

She has been taking care of Quynh's 6-year-old sister at her home.

Neighbors said Hoang also served a three year jail term once for robbery.

They said the man has been beating Quynh with canes, chains and electric wire for more than six months at least.

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