Hanoi hospital hands baby to wrong mother

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Hanoi Ob-Gyn Hospital on Saturday gave the wrong baby to a mother several hours after her delivery.

Nurses at the hospital gave the baby of Tran Thi Thuy, tagged with the number 550, to Le Kim Oanh, who was tagged with the number 585 just like her baby.

The case was only discovered after Thuy's family asked for her baby six hours after her delivery and the nurses could not find the boy, Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper reported.

It turned out later that Oanh's baby was still in the babies' section.

The women both had C-sections and their babies were separated from them until they recovered enough to hold the babies.

Dr. Nguyen Manh Tri at the hospital blamed nurses for not matching the number of the baby with the mother, when they gave Oanh the baby.

 He said the mistake occurred when 10 babies, including Oanh's and Thuy's, were given a bath and the nurses called out the babies' numbers for their families to receive them. But Oanh's mother must have misheard the number and accepted the wrong baby. Oanh's real baby was not received by anyone.

"The nurses were too confident in the families and did not check the numbers themselves," the doctor said.

He said the hospital will punish the nurses so that the mistake does not happen a second time.


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Oanh's family also has apologized and said they had no intention of kidnapping or exchanging babies.

Early last month, Quang Ngai General Hospital in central Vietnam gave two babies, a boy and a girl, to the wrong mothers. The mistake was discovered by one of the mothers.

A nurse involved in the case was transferred from the Obstetrics Department of the hospital to another department and her annual pay raise was cut for a year.

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