Hanoi hospital delivers wrong corpse

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A Hanoi hospital delivered the wrong corpse to a family planning to cremate their mother.

On Wednesday, officials from the 354 Hospital informed Tran Mai, a resident in Ba Dinh District, that the corpse he'd received from the hospital a day earlier did not belong to his mother, Tran Thi Huan.

The hospital admitted it had made a mistake and delivered the wrong corpse to the family. Huan's body remains at the hospital.

The "wrong" corpse had already been cremated by the family, by the time they realized the mistake.

The body was Vu Ngoc Khanh's mother.

Last Sunday, Khanh brought the body to the hospital's funeral home for storage.

They had planned to hold her funeral, three days later.

When the day came, Khanh and his family arrived at the hospital to receive the corpse but it was not there.

The hospital said they've since called every family that has brought in a corpses between last Sunday and Tuesday to ensure there were no further errors.

Hospital representatives said they will take full responsibility for their mistake and will return the remains of the accidentally-cremated mother to her family.

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