Hanoi hit by highway robbers

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Fences and light cables on the country's longest and most modern highway Thang Long are being stolen, just ten days after opened to traffic, the Hanoi administration said in a statement Thursday.


The statement said corrugated iron sheets along the fence for the highway, the cover of drainage holes along the road and light cables have been stolen.


These acts violate national assets and increase the risk of traffic accidents, it said.


The Hanoi People's Committee has asked Thach That, Quoc Oai, Hoai Duc and Tu Liem districts, through which the highway runs, to deploy guards and catch the thieves.


The city government has also asked Hanoi police and the Transport Department to have their staff conduct regular inspections on the highway.


Thang Long Highway opened to traffic on October 3. It stretches over 30 kilometers, linking Hanoi to the north-south Ho Chi Minh Highway and other localities in the northern region.


It cost more than VND7.5 trillion (US$386.5 million) to build the road, which has six lanes and a total width of 140 meters.

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