Hanoi gold shop robber caught soon after theft

TN News

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Hanoi police, with assistance of some local residents, took a 34 year-old man into custody soon after he robbed a gold shop on Saturday.


At around 4 p.m., Cao Van Kien came to Bui Thi Xuyen's gold shop on Xuan Thuy Street, pretending to buy some jewelry. He chose a necklace and asked Xuyen to help him try it.


Suddenly, Kien subdued the woman and locked her in a room of the shop before leaving the store with 70 chi of gold in rings and many other jewelry items. 10 chi is equivalent to one tael.


Failing to start his motorbike, the robber left it at the shop and ran away.


Meanwhile, Xuyen successfully broke the door of the room she was confined in to escape and shouted for help.


Local residents and the police were able to capture Kien just around 100 meters away from the shop.


The resident of Phuc Tho District told the police he committed the robbery as he badly needed money to pay debts he piled up through gambling.


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