Hanoi elevated railway continues to threaten lives

By Minh Sang – Thai Son – Vu Nguyen, Thanh Nien News

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A crane from an elevated railway construction drops on a house in Hanoi on May 12, 2015. Photo credit: Tuoi Tre A crane from an elevated railway construction drops on a house in Hanoi on May 12, 2015. Photo credit: Tuoi Tre


A crane broke and smashed into a house in downtown Hanoi Tuesday afternoon, injuring a pregnant woman in what was the latest in a series of accidents related to the construction of the capital’s elevated railway.
The crane mishap occurred in Cau Giay District, where homes and passers-by have been protected from the work above.
Eyewitnesses said at around 4 p.m. Tuesday the crane measuring more than 10 meters tall broke and fell on a house, breaking a balcony and the signboard of a shop below.
The crane and debris then hit two motorbikes parked on the street, injuring several motorists, including a pregnant woman.
Witnesses said a red light had held up vehicles from crossing the stretch at the time.
“Otherwise it could have been a disaster,” one said.
The collapse happened two days after a thick iron rod more than 10 meters long had fallen in the same vicinity. No one had been injured.
City vice chairman Nguyen Quoc Hung, who arrived after the Tuesday incident, said the city would suspend work on the section for investigation and penalize Korean contractor Daelim.
In another section between downtown Hanoi and Ha Dong District managed by a Chinese contractor, locals said they saw an iron bar drop from a running car Tuesday morning.
They said it looked like a crowbar.
But the item disappeared later and police at the site said: “It was a fist-sized iron ball; no harm was done.”
It is possible they were protecting the section from further notoriety after two serious scaffolding collapses last year.
One on December 28 buried a passing taxi and badly damaging several other parked cars. The taxi driver and three passengers were rescued.
But the other on November 6 had killed a motorist on the spot and injured three others.
Locals said they have never been provided with alternate roads, and so can only keep their eyes peeled for danger when they enter the area.



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