Hanoi cops push for traffic fines to be paid electronically

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Traffic police in Hanoi have proposed that authorities allow violators to pay fines at automated teller machines (ATMs) or via wire transfer,  VnExpress reported Thursday.

In an interview with the online newspaper, Colonel Dao Vinh Thang, chief of Hanoi's Traffic Police Division, said his people had suggested establishing ATM booths at police stations to make it "convenient" for people to pay fines.

They can put cash into the ATMs or transfer money from their bank accounts to the police account instead of paying fines directly at treasuries or banks like they do now, Thang explained.

"This will reduce waiting time and unnecessary procedures for people," he said, adding that the new proposal aims to make the city traffic police's public image "close" and "friendly."

In other related news, Hanoi traffic police will place speakers at 15 traffic intersections to promote traffic rules like wearing helmets while driving bikes and no drunk driving, VnExpress reported.

Since the beginning of the year, Hanoi police have taken various measures aimed at boosting the image of its traffic officers.

In January, more than 20 female officers were assigned to patrol ten major positions typically burdened with brutal traffic jams in Hanoi.

Then, earlier this month, it was announced that cops with big bellies, those who appear frail, or who fail to display appropriate manners would be removed from street patrols and reassigned to desk jobs.

The city police department also plan to equip local traffic officers with iPads to give directions to people when needed. The tablets were also said to be useful when officers handle violations they can conduct background checks to see if violators have committed any wrongdoings before.

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