Hanoi cops arrested after man dies in custody with torture marks

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Four Hanoi police officers have been taken in for questioning after a man died in their custody Thursday with signs of torture.

Hoang Ngoc Tuyen, deputy head of the Kim No Commune police in Dong Anh District, is being held together with his subordinates Nguyen Trong Kien, Doan Van Tuyen, and Hoang Ngoc Thuc.

Nguyen Mau Thuan, 54, had been summoned to the police station on Thursday after he quarreled with his neighbors. He was kept there for three hours until the family was informed that he had passed out.

He was rushed to hospital with injuries and doctors said he was dead on arrival.

Nguyen Mau Cong, his son, who went with him to the police station, said the police had asked him to leave, saying they would send his father soon after questions.

"But they immediately put handcuffs on my father's hands."


Investigators also found that the officers had tied his hands and legs to the chair for allegedly swearing at them before torturing him.

They had hit him on his thighs with rubber clubs, and squeezed his fingers after putting pens between them.

Forensic tests also found three broken ribs.

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