Hanoi closes first Internet shop near school

TN News

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Hanoi telecommunications officials ordered an Internet service provider to pull the plug on a gaming cafe on Tuesday because it is too close to a local nursery school.

Game Dat 3 on Giang Vo Street sits across the street from the Hoa Sen Nursery School.

This represents the first such closure since the passage of a new ordinance that established a 200 meter internet cafe-free boundary around schools.

Inspectors from the Hanoi Department of Information and Communications inspected the shop on August 6, and discovered 120 working computers mostly for playing online games.

The department issued an official memorandum giving the shop owner until Monday to relocate outside the 200 meter boundary.

Because the proprietor failed to do so, the department asked FPT to cut off service to the shop and ordered other suppliers not to do business with Game Dat 3, said Nguyen Van Minh, chief inspector of the department.

The department says it plans to conduct joint inspections with Internet suppliers of shops all over the city.

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